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MBD Alchemie is a CBSE online learning site that comprises study material for students of K-12. They are providing a free subscription of any eBook of your choice till 26th June’21.

Nowadays, students are relying on online study material to learn and understand. And they can get the finest material at the best CBSE online learning site i.e. MBD Alchemie. We are transforming the face of education by bringing modern learning methods into the picture. Studying and learning is one thing that should not get affected at any cost. You can study from anywhere in the world. The main thing that is required is the finest study material which you can get from MBD Alchemie free of cost.

Subscribe to the eBooks of your class and subject and get started with learning at the best CBSE online learning site. We have got what every child need which is up-to-date study material online. With the help of eBooks at MBD Alchemie, students can start the process of learning at home. Our contribution to society is to provide the top educational resources to each and every student and for this purpose; we have made all eBooks free for all. Get your eBooks now at MBD Alchemie, the top CBSE online learning site.

At MBD Alchemie, students will find eBooks of all subjects such as Mathematics, English, Hindi, Science, Computers, etc. Hurry up and get a free subscription to any eBook at MBD Alchemie, the best CBSE online learning site.

Purchase IIT Entrance Books Online at MBD Books

Every year various students appear for the IIT entrance exam but only a few are able to qualify for it. This is because they have studied harder than the others and have access to some of the best IIT entrance books online.

Students who are preparing for their competitive exams can purchase IIT entrance books online along with NEET and Banking exam books. At MBD Books’ website, you will get all the books at an affordable rate. We understand how important it is for you to clear this entrance exam as this step will help you to shape your future. Therefore, we have got the best study material for all those hardworking and dedicated students who would like to clear their competitive entrance exam successfully. In the IIT entrance books online at MBD Books, you will get a detailed discussion of each chapter, important points, formulae, practice exercises, various examples with solutions, previous year questions, mock test papers, and assignments. In short, you will be getting all the important educational resources at this leading online bookstore.

In India, with the increase in the pandemic, ordering books online is the best option. It is not the safest time to go outside to the market to purchase anything including books. However, you cannot stop studying. Right? Well, get your hands on the competitive exam books by ordering IIT entrance books online. Your study should not get hinder. If you have dedication and top-quality study material, then nothing can stop you from clearing your entrance exam.

Order IIT entrance books online from the leading bookstore i.e. MBD Books. Along with the competitive exam, we have abundant educational books for students of K-12.

Aasoka: Register to Avail the Online Course eBooks

Aasoka, an educational learning site for students has online course eBooks for everyone. You can avail eBooks by registering on the website or downloading the app from Google Play Store.

The content of online course eBooks for all subjects and classes is written by reputed academicians who have designed the study material in an interesting and constructive manner. Along with eBooks of Hindi Surbhi book, New Learnwell Science book, and many such books, you will get plenty of mock tests, audio lessons, video lessons, assignments, and assessments. The complete package will be provided at the best educational learning site for students i.e. Aasoka. At Aasoka, we give utmost importance to the quality of service. We want the best for our students and hence, provide the top-quality study material to all. Ranging from Kindergarten to class 12, the educational content is available for all.

One of the beneficial things for students of class 11th and 12th of science stream is that they will get the content aligned with NEET and JEE. How amazing is that? Right? If you have the online course eBooks for class 11th and 12th, then you do not have to join separate coaching classes to prepare for your competitive exams. You can do that with the help of educational content provided to you by Aasoka upon registration. Students aiming for competitive exams can achieve the desired position by studying from online course eBooks available at Aasoka.

Register on the Aasoka website or download the app from Google Play Store, and avail online course eBooks at the leading educational learning site for students. Get access to books like Hindi Surbhi book, New Learnwell Science book, and so much more.

MBD Sample Papers Available at MBD Books

MBD Books is an e-commerce website that has MBD sample papers along with various other educational books in store for all students. You can grab any book of your subject and class at an economical rate.

During examinations, students look for something that will help them to prepare for actual exams. And that is where MBD sample papers come in the picture. These sample papers will provide you the feeling of real exams. Through this, you will get an overview of the examination pattern. The MBD sample papers include long and short-answer type questions, frequently asked topics, multiple-choice questions, etc. Each and every essential topic and question are included in the sample papers. These will help you to score better grades in your school along with getting a better understanding of the concept.

Someone has truly said that “Practice makes a man perfect”. Hence, students should study daily and try to strengthen their weaker areas. Nothing is impossible. It is all about your hard work and dedication. If you set your heart to it, you will surely be able to achieve whatever you desire. The same applies to your examinations. If you practice and study daily, then good scores are not hard to get.

Purchase MBD sample papers from MBD Books’ website to brush up on your knowledge and skills.

CBSE Class 10 Online Learning at MBD Alchemie

MBD Alchemie is a platform that promotes CBSE class 10 online learning. Along with class 10, you will find online study material for all class students. Visit the website to subscribe to the free course till 12th June’21.

Keeping in the mind the needs and requirements of students, MBD Alchemie has made online learning free for all students of K-12. You can download the educational resources and start your journey of effective learning. Students are required to pay extra attention in their class 10 as this is the most important year which will help you to determine which stream you will be taking in your 11th and 12th grade. In order to get the desired stream, you have to work hard and give your best during board examinations. Therefore, CBSE class 10 online learning at MBD Alchemie is the best thing for you. All the study material is available online and you do not have to purchase any additional book for studying.

CBSE class 10 online learning consists of chapter-wise explanation, video lessons, interesting and amazing facts, mock tests, and assignments. All these features will help you to prepare well for your examinations.

Get your hands on the finest CBSE class 10 online learning materials at MBD Alchemie, an eLearning platform for students of K-12.

Aasoka: A One-Stop Destination for your Educational Needs

Aasoka is an online learning platform that has every solution for your educational needs. From eBooks to live classes to expert support, everything is available on this eLearning website. Along with this, you will get to study from the top-most books such as Hindi Surbhi book, New Learnwell Science book, etc.
A newly launched initiative by MBD Group, Aasoka is serving as a one-stop destination for students of K-12. With their study material of the best quality, Aasoka is becoming the finest educational website for students. Here, students will be introduced to various amazing things which will assist them in scoring good marks in their examination. To get access to the study material, you need to register on the Aasoka website or download the app from Google Play Store. Online study material makes learning on the go very efficient. Through this, you can study anytime anywhere without loading your bags with too many books as you just have to carry your electronic gadget with you for studying. We have taken care of the needs of every individual student and hence, our study material of classes 11th and 12th is aligned with NEET and JEE. So, students of higher secondary school do not have to join separate coaching classes in order to prepare for their competitive exams. You can study the same thing online on Aasoka.
At Aasoka, books such as Hindi Surbhi Book, New Learnwell Science books, etc are used for teaching. No compromisation has been done in terms of content. The entire content is written by subject matter experts. So, you will get the educational content of the finest quality.
So, hurry up and start your learning with Aasoka now to achieve the desired performance. The best educational resources is our promise.

Also available on Google Play Store.

MBD Group Offering Digital Learning Solutions

MBD Group is the top publishing house in India that is offering digital learning solutions to all its students. Nowadays, every student is dependent on the internet for effective study material. Hence, we have come up with this amazing eLearning solution for everyone.

In the digital learning solutions at MBD Group, you have various options available such as educational apps, eBooks, teacher training programmes, etc. With the help of the study material online, students can easily score good marks in their upcoming examinations. The digital learning solutions will help your kids to get a clear understanding of all the concepts. Apart from students, MBD Group also offers training for teachers. This training will assist teachers in getting to know the dynamics of teacher-student interactions, inclusive education, computer training, etc. So, MBD Group has something for students as well as teachers.

If you are looking for the best educational apps for your tiny tots which will help them in learning the basic things, then MBD Group is the perfect place for you. We have a perfect amalgamation of age-old rhymes and modern-age creativity. All apps are free of cost and you can install it from Google Play Store anytime.

In short, MBD Group is the go-to place for everyone as it has the best digital learning solutions in store. Get your study material now at MBD Group for effective and efficient learning.

Hindi Surbhi Book: The Best Book for Students of K-12

The students of K-12 can study from the Hindi Surbhi book at the Aasoka website or application. Aasoka is an online platform that provides the finest quality study material of all classes and subjects.

At Aasoka, students will get various benefits once they have registered themselves. Some of the benefits of studying with Aasoka are audio and video lessons, ebooks, expert support, mock tests, assignments, and assessments. Every essential feature is included in the Aasoka website as well as the app. Students will be studying from books such as Hindi Surbhi book, New Learnwell Science book, etc. The entire content of the book is written by the subject matter experts who have made sure to include each and every concept. Aasoka has made sure that the material is of top-quality because education matters a lot in enhancing a student’s career. Therefore, register at Aasoka to get top-notch educational material.

In this era of technology, Aasoka has made everything available online so that students can efficiently access the material from anywhere. You do not have to purchase books or any other study material because all the study material will be available in front of you. In fact, you can carry it with you anytime anywhere. Learning has been made easy with Aasoka who has the best books in store for students of K-12 such as Hindi Surbhi book, New Learnwell Science book, etc.

Hurry up and start the process of registration now. Get access to the best study material at Aasoka. Also available on Google Play Store.

Get Free Subscription of CBSE Online Study Material

MBD Alchemie is an online platform which is providing a free subscription of CBSE online study material for students of 1-12 till 23rd May’21. With the help of these educational resources, you can get good grades in your examination.

We have a very talented team of subject matter experts who ensure that not a single topic is left out from the CBSE online study material. Everything is carefully drafted so that students get the desired education of the best quality. We do not compromise on the quality of content. Students will get content written according to the latest syllabus and the pattern set by CBSE. All you have to do is visit the website and subscribe to the content which is absolutely free for all.

In the CBSE online study material, you will get video lessons, interactive ebooks, subscription-based access, single salable unit, content usage tracking, scalability, and handheld device support. The content is designed in such an interesting and creative manner that it will be easier for students to learn and understand the concept. We, at MBD Alchemie, understand the importance of education and we want the best for our students. Therefore, we have made CBSE online study material free for all students of 1-12.

Subscription of CBSE online study material is free till 23rd May’21. Hurry up and get access to the content now.

MBD Books: A Store to Buy Online Books for Competitive Exams

MBD Books is an online bookstore where you can buy online books for competitive exams. You will find JEE, NEET, and banking exam books on this website. Each book is written according to the latest exam pattern.
Every year several students appear for competitive exams but only a few are able to clear those exams. Lots of preparation is required to pass the exams successfully. And therefore, MBD Books have taken this initiative to make competitive exam books available on the website. In the book, you will get the detailed discussion of each chapter, important notes, illustrative examples, previous year question papers solutions, mock tests, and assessments. In short, each and every essential thing is covered in the book. You just have to study the content with utmost dedication. In the end, what matters is your hard work.
The competitive exam books are available at an affordable price at MBD Books online bookstore. These books will guide you and prepare you for the real exam. You must cover all the syllabus thoroughly and try to attempt as many mock tests as possible as they help you to understand how much are you really prepared for the competitive exams.
Buy online books for competitive exams and get selected in your dream college.